Everything You Should Know About Sending Money Online

 People are doing business with clients who are far away and since payments have to be made, there is the need for an easier way of sending money.   Whether you want to transfer the money for business reasons or to your family and friends you can avoid the bank altogether.   To note is that banks cannot be open all through the day or night and in order to send money through them you ought to wait until they are back in business.   The great thing with online payments is that they can be made at any time of the day or even at night. Also, you can also use the method to remit money to people in your region.   Paypal is the main network many people in different parts of the world use in transferring money.  It has been in the business for years and this has been due to their reliability.  You can send as much as ten thousand dollars all at once in over 190 countries.  You will be charged 2.9 percent fee for the transaction or just 30 cents when you are sending money using a credit or debit card.  The network supports about twenty currencies which means every major currency in the world is covered. Click here to learn more !

 One of the easy ways to use in remitting some cash for a friend is Venmo.  You only need the other person's email or phone number in order to complete the transaction.   When you link your personal or business bank account to the Venmo account, you will be sending the money for free but those who are using credit or debit cards have to pay a 3% fee.   Google is in everything people are doing now.   It is now very easy for you to send and receive money through Google Wallet.  You just need your Google account and if you do not have one creating it is very easy.   In the event that you are using your debit card in the transaction, the service charge is only 2.9% but for users who have added their bank account the services are free.

 You can use Square Cash in sending money even when the recipient hasn't created such an account yet. You only have to link their email address to your cards.   Only those who are using the business version will be paying when they transact the fee is quite low at 3%.   For the Facebook users, the Messenger app can be used in sending money to the other person and it can be done in the process of chatting.   It only requires you to have a debit card from one of the U.S banks. This website will offer more details.